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GCPS first grade teacher Cameron Shuler named GCSS Teacher of the Year

October 10, 2023

Greensboro, Ga. — First grade teacher Cameron Shuler received the prestigious title of District Teacher of the Year for the Greene County School System during a reception on Monday, October 9.

Last month Shuler was named Greene County Primary School's Teacher of the Year. Ashlie Miller, GCPS Principal, introduced her at the reception and said, "She has been a breath of fresh air since we got her right out of Georgia College and State University. She came to us from Wilmington Island where she sold ice cream on Tybee Island during the summer. I was intrigued with her from the very beginning." 

Miss Shuler stated, "As long as I can remember, teaching has always been my "thing." From teaching my brother to read at the age of three to donating my own Happy Meal toys for a little box labeled "Treasure Box," school was not just a fun game to me, it was serious! So serious that one day I got in the car after school just bawling. Why, you may ask? Oh, I had just made the dreadful realization that I could never be a teacher because I did not like Diet Coke. I guess in my 1st grade mind, after careful observations of all my teachers, I thought that liking Diet Coke was a part of the job requirement! Thankfully my parents talked some sense into me!" 

Shuler attended public school from kindergarten to 12th grade. She continued her education at Georgia College and State University, obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. She received her Master's degree at the University of Georgia in Educational Administration and Policy. She is currently studying Curriculum and Instruction at . Piedmont University to obtain her Educational Specialist degree. 

Miss Shuler noted that from Pre-K to now, every single one of these educational experiences has come together as a puzzle piece and helped to shape her' into the educator she is today. 

Her philosophy about teaching goes beyond what we envision as "just teaching." She states, "It is often said that we have no idea what our students go home to, what they may or may not be exposed to outside of the classroom, and what the relationship of the adult and child looks like. With that being said, we can only control what happens in the fourwalls of our school. However, these four walls can hold so much potential for our students. We can assist in the dreams envisioned of future careers, we can serve as role models for positive self-talk; we can be the smile that changes the trajectory of their entire day. Teaching is so much more than the curriculum we use, the pacing guides we plan, or even the test scores that we receive. It's . about the relationships we form, the differences we can make, and the lives we change day to day." 

Cameron will now represent the Greene County School System in the statewide competition for the Georgia Teacher of the Year.