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Greensboro begins warning period for new school zone speed safety cameras

A Joint Statement from the Greene County School System and Greensboro Police Department

October 16, 2023

Greensboro, Ga. – In a joint effort by the Greene County School System and Greensboro Police Department to improve campus safety by enforcing school zone speed limits, Greensboro will begin issuing warnings for the new school zone speed cameras on October 30. Warning notices will be issued for 30 days to the registered owner of any vehicle that is photographed passing through the school zone in excess of the posted speed limit while school is in session and one hour before classes are scheduled to begin and one hour after classes have concluded. 

Warning notices do not include fines. However, fines will be issued to drivers who violate the law during the citation phase, which will begin in late November following the 30-day warning period. First-time offenders will be fined $75, and subsequent offenses will result in a fine of $125.

“The warning period gives drivers the opportunity to check their speed and comply with our school zone safety program before actual citations begin,” said Greensboro Police Department Chief Rodricus Monford. “The intent of this program is to alert drivers to the school zones, reduce speeds, and increase safety for our children.”

School zone speed safety cameras are installed on Main Street near the entrances to Greene County High School and Carson Middle School. Georgia law allows for speed cameras to be deployed in school zones with violations issued to the registered owner of a vehicle caught traveling in excess of 11 miles per hour of the posted speed limit.

The enforcement locations were chosen based on a traffic study that identified the schools as having the highest number of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit while school was in session. In the three-day period during the traffic study, there were nearly 800 violators traveling more than 11 MPH over the 30 MPH posted speed limit.

“I’m pleased the City has school zone speed safety cameras near our school,” said Dr. Chris Houston, GCSS Superintendent. “Any countermeasure to get drivers to slow down and be aware of children as they walk to and from school is beneficial.”

Signs are in place to alert drivers that the school zone is a photo enforcement area. Cameras will capture images of the license plate of vehicles that exceed the school zone speed limit during the cameras’ hours of operation. Warnings will be issued after law-enforcement review.

The City and the Greene County School System contract with Verra Mobility to administer its safety program. The Greensboro Police Department determines whether a violation event has occurred and reviews each notice prior to issuing warnings or citations.

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