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GCSS 2022 College & Career Performance Readiness Index (CCRPI) scores released

November 18, 2022

Greensboro, Ga. – Georgia’s 2022 College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI) results were released by the Georgia Department of Education on Wednesday, Nov. 16th and show that while the Greene County School System is still recovering learning gaps caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the gaps in many areas have already been closed and surpassed, and in all areas, the GCSS is closing COVID learning gaps faster than the state overall.

The 2022 CCRPI is a limited measurement compared to prior years, and the Georgia Department of Education has announced that 2022 will be a new baseline year and 2022 scores should not be compared to scores in previous years. This is the first year that the CCRPI has been calculated since 2019. Summative district and school scores are not calculated, but each school received scores in Content Mastery, Readiness, and Progress. Scores in the Closing Gaps area were not calculated, and Progress was calculated only in the area of Progress Towards English Language Proficiency, which calculates the number of ESOL students who gained at least 1 level toward English Language Proficiency. In this area, the GCSS received a score of 88.47.

“Greene County Schools does a great job of serving our English Language Learners, which primarily come from our Hispanic families and make up approximately 13% of our student body,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Houston. “We are excited to see this success of our EL program and looking forward to seeing it grow.”

            In Readiness, all schools in the district received high marks in the Beyond the Core area, which reflects schools’ offerings in fine arts, world languages, computer science, dual enrollment and advanced placement courses, and CTAE pathway completion. GCPS received a score of 99.5%, and the middle and high school scores came in over 95% and 93%, respectively.

Greene County High School’s 2022 combined graduation rate is 88.3%, over 3 points higher than the state’s combined rate of 84.7%. The school’s 2022 four-year graduation rate came in at 86.3%, over 2 points higher than the state’s 84% four-year graduation rate but 5 points lower than the school’s 2021 rate of 91.3%. GCHS’s 2022 five-year graduation rate, which includes students who may have needed credit recovery or been enrolled in non-traditional programs, was higher at 92.1% and 6 points higher than the state’s 85.9%. 

In the area of Content Mastery, Greene County Primary School scored a 61.1 overall, less than two points below the state elementary score of 63, and the school’s mastery score in mathematics of 80.2 beat the state score by nearly 15 points.

“Our 3rd grade math scores tell you what’s possible: a proof of concept,” said Superintendent Houston. “We have all the right parts in place–great teachers, resources, and materials–and we’re confident that because we’re doing all the right things, we’re going to show incredible progress going forward.”

CCRPI reports for the GCSS, other school systems, and the State of Georgia are available at