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Greene BOE tentatively approves FY22 budget and rollback millage rate

August 16, 2021

Greensboro, Ga. — The Greene County Board of Education tentatively approved its 2021-22 Fiscal Year Budget and a rollback millage rate at its regular meeting on Monday, August 16.

The budget includes $4.9 million of actions funded by the CARES Act, including the funding of 14 full-time and 4 part-time positions to recover the learning loss from the past COVID-impacted year. It also includes funds designated for the start-up costs associated with constructing the new primary school building, as well as a $10 million general fund balance for cash flow and operations.

Thanks to a substantial re-assessment of property values, this budget reduces the millage rate from 14.195 to an estimated 12.43, which is projected to make the re-assessment revenue neutral. Despite the rollback rate, the budget also includes a $1.2 million revenue increase which comes solely from the new-propertydriven growth in the tax digest.

The estimated 12.43 rollback millage rate places Greene County in the lowest 10% of BOE millage rates in the state and is considerably lower than nearby rates of 13.9 in Morgan County and 14.9 in Putnam County.

“We are pleased with the investment we are able to make in our school system and community at large—at the same time reducing our millage rate while maintaining our reserve at objective levels,” said Superintendent Dr. Chris Houston. “This is a fiscally-sound, responsible budget.”

Dr. Houston also cautioned, however, that “future millage rates may be impacted by the cost of the new Primary School and the results of discussions to appropriately fund Lake Oconee Academy.”