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Tiger Drive to be closed to thru traffic


August 10, 2022

Greensboro, Ga. — The Greene County School System will close Tiger Drive to access by thru-traffic effective on Monday, August 22nd.

Tiger Drive, which is a part of the Greene County High School campus northern parking lot, runs directly in front of Tiger Stadium. The school’s north parking lot is designated as the student lot, and students and staff participating in athletics after school frequently walk to and from the stadium across the parking lot.

During a traffic study conducted earlier this year by the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, nearly 11,000 vehicles traveled down Tiger Drive using it as a thru-route between Main Street and Wilson Street in the span of just two weeks. Furthermore, the average speed of these vehicles was over 18 miles per hour, nearly four times the 5-mph speed limit for parking lots in Georgia. The max speed recorded was 38 mph.

 As a result, the school system will utilize gates at both ends of Tiger Drive and close it daily from 8:00 a.m. until all school related activities have concluded, beginning Monday August 22nd.  GCSS Superintendent Dr. Chris Houston and Greensboro Police Department Chief Monford met with Board of Education Member Steve Kilgore to decide on a closure schedule that will­ provide for the safety of students and staff who use the school’s athletic facilities during and after school, while putting the least burden upon the community’s traffic schedule.

“This schedule is a work in progress,” said Chief Monford. “The exact closure times may change to accommodate buses and holidays, but we believe we have balanced the provision of student safety with efficient community traffic flow.”

“Vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed through our student parking lot poses a clear risk to school safety,” said Superintendent Houston. “Closing Tiger Drive to thru traffic allows it to function only as what it is—a parking lot—and will provide a safer campus for our high school students.”

The map on the right suggests the use of 1st Street as an alternative route to accessing Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.