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COVID-19 not expected to impact GCHS 2021 graduation rate

GCSS partnership with Foothills helps keep GCHS students on track for graduation

Greensboro, Ga. – The Greene County High School leadership team announced Friday that they do not expect the COVID-19 pandemic to negatively affect the high school’s Class of 2021 graduation rate.

GCHS’s 2020 projected graduation rate was 85 percent*, a three-point improvement from the previous year. GCHS Principal Mr. James Peek said he expects that rate to hold steady or even improve among this year’s seniors.

“We are particularly proud of this improvement since the high school has been teaching virtually since March and just this week returned to in-person instruction,” said GCSS Superintendent Dr. Chris Houston. “It speaks to the dedication among the high school’s students, parents, and staff to preparing these seniors for their next steps in life, even with the challenges of distance learning during a pandemic.”

In late October, at the end of the first grading period, some high school seniors had already completed all their credits and were ready for graduation, while others were still finishing up their senior year credits in order to be ready to walk across the stage in May. Still other students were working on making up missing credits in order to get on track to graduate with their classmates.

Since credit recovery is no longer allowed during the school day in order to avoid impacting students’ regular academic classes, seniors missing credits required for graduation are responsible for pursuing their own credit recovery outside of regular school hours by enrolling in summer school, attending intersession during academic breaks, or through the district’s partnership with Foothills Education Charter High School. GCHS students can attend Foothills classes in the evening online or in-person at the GCHS building to make up the classes required for graduation and complete their transcripts.

Mr. Peek praised the high school’s advisement team, including Graduation Coach Greg Simmons, Counselor Ava Weaver, and Assistant Principal and 9th Grade Academy Coordinator Mariana Mansfield for encouraging GCHS students to take charge of their own education and make sure they have the credits necessary for graduation on time.

“Our high school staff works diligently and purposefully to ensure that all students get the needed advisement and encouragement to meet their intended academic goals and career pursuits,” Mr. Peek said.


*This 2020 graduation rate for GCHS is as calculated locally by the district. The Georgia Department of Education has not yet officially released 2020 graduation rates.