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GCSS releases Phase II reopening parent and staff survey results

In preparation for Phase 2 of its school reopening process, the Greene County School System surveyed parents of students in Carson Middle School and Greene County High School to gauge parents’ response to a proposed return to in-person instruction at the two schools on October 26th. 

The parent survey received 536 responses, with 42% of respondents identifying themselves as a parent of a Carson Middle School student and 58% of respondents identifying themselves as a parent of a Greene County High School student.

survey graph The survey asked parents, “How satisfied are you with your student’s distance learning experience so far this school year?”

  • 45% of respondents answered they were “very satisfied,”
  • 35% of respondents answered they were “somewhat satisfied,”
  • 10% of respondents answered they were “dissatisfied,”
  • and 10% of respondents answered they were “not satisfied at all.”

(A note on the survey indicated that the proposed date of October 26, 2020 for a return to face-to-face, on-campus instruction at CMS and GCHS is tentative and subject to change.)

survey results The next survey question asked parents “If your student’s school returns to face-to-face, on-campus instruction on October 26th, under approval by the Georgia Department of Education and Department of Public Health, how confident are you that you will send your student to school on campus?”

  • 31% of respondents stated they “definitely will send student to school on campus,”
  • 22% of respondents stated they were “unsure at this time,”
  • and 47% of respondents answered they “definitely will not send student to school on campus.”

survey results The survey’s fourth question asked parents “How important is it to you for the school to continue to provide a virtual learning option, even if the virtual curriculum  is only pre-assigned schoolwork and the assigned teacher is not a Greene County School System teacher, but an online tutor?”

  • 47% of respondents answered that it is “very important” to them, 
  • 39% of responded answered that it is “somewhat important,”
  • 10% of respondents selected “less important,” 
  • and 4% of respondents selected “not important at all.”

The survey’s final question asked parents “If your student returns to on-campus instruction, would you be both willing and able to transport your student to his/her school?” to which 44% of respondents answered “yes,” while 56% answered “no.”

The district also provided the opportunity for CMS and GCHS staff to offer feedback regarding the proposed Oct. 26th date for returning to in-person instruction. 78 staff members responded to the comment form, with 44% of respondents identifying themselves as CMS staff members and 56% identifying themselves as GCHS staff members.

A qualitative analysis of the staff members’ comments revealed four main categories of responses:

  1. 38% of staff members’ responses were positive, expressing support for returning to face-to-face, in-person instruction.
  2. 21% of staff members asked a question or stated a concern about returning to in-person instruction.
  3. 31% of staff members offered a suggestion about how best to implement a return to in-person instruction.
  4. 9% of staff members responses were negative, stating that they were not in support of returning to face-to-face instruction.

The Greene County School System Return to School Task Force is grateful for the input of all stakeholders who took the time to complete these surveys. This feedback will be extremely useful as the task force develops the next phase of the school system's reopening plan.