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Let's finish strong, Tigers! Here's why the last few weeks matter.

Parents, we are so grateful for your partnership and the active role that you are taking in your child's education. We realize that distance learning has been new and, in some cases, very challenging. 

Last week, we released an End-of-Year-Grading Quick Guide that stated we would not penalize students for circumstances beyond their control during these Digital/Distance Learning Days. However, this does not mean that these last few weeks of the school year do not matter or will not have an impact on your child’s education. On the contrary, these last few weeks of the school year are critical to setting your student up for success next school year ​and beyond.

Parents, please continue to support us by encouraging your student to participate enthusiastically in distance learning, whether they are attending class virtually online or completing assignments via printed packets, until the end of the school year on May 22.

Here's 3 reasons why the last few weeks matter:

  1. Traditional teaching and learning, as well as both state and local testing, will resume again next school year. These last few weeks are crucial to preparing our students for moving forward in the fall. It is important for students to continue to work through the end of the year, so that they do not fall behind their grade level.
  2. All of the subjects our students learn this year, including the content studied online and through packets in March, April, and May of this year, will serve as an important foundation that their classes next year will continue to build on. The last few weeks of each school year are an especially key time for reviewing and cementing in students’ minds the concepts they have been learning all year.
  3. Participation grades do still have an impact on a student’s final class grade. All students have the opportunity to improve their grade by remaining engaged throughout these last few weeks of distance learning.