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District releases adjusted end-of-year grading guide for 2020

(Traducción al español disponible a continuación.)

GCSS leadership has carefully considered implications for this year’s end-of-year grading as we prepare to head into the last month of the school year. We want to ensure that our policy decisions are in the best interest of children, not penalizing them for circumstances beyond their control. Therefore, we have developed a new grading guide for this year, adjusted to account for the impact of the distance/digital learning days we have implemented due to physical school closures as a result of COVID-19.

For example, students submitting assignments after the assigned due date may not be penalized for this, as these students may have experienced complications with turning in the assignment that were beyond their control. Parents, please take a moment to review the following Quick Guide to our 2020 grading policy. If you have any specific questions regarding grades or promotion & retention, please contact your child's principal. 

end of year grading quick guide

grading guide in Spanish