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    To educate, inspire, challenge, and support students to become college and career ready.


    All Greene County schools will ensure effective teaching and learning thus enabling students to become college and career ready citizens able to compete in a global society and elevate student achievement in to the top quartile of state school systems as measured by state standardized performance targets by 2023.


    1. Every child can learn and deserves an advocate.

    2. Everyone is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.

    3. In establishing high expectations that are measurable and establish accountability for achieving them.

    4. Education is the primary responsibility of all staff and the student, with the family, and the community playing an essential role.

    5. Every person is accountable and responsible for reaching his or her highest potential.

    6. Hiring, evaluating,developing and retaining highly qualified staff in all positions is essential for student success.

    7. Resources applied in an effective manner are essential for successful schools.

    8. In effective collaboration to ensure,best practices are identified and adopted throughout the whole school system.

    9. A safe and orderly learning environment is essential to teaching and learning.

    10. Student and staff achievement should be celebrated while embracing continuous improvement.


    July 1, 2018