Statement from the Greene County Board of Education Regarding the LOA Funding Lawsuit

  • The Greene County Board of Education supports Lake Oconee Academy (LOA) and wholeheartedly recognizes the benefit the school provides to the Greene County community. As a high-performing charter school, LOA has consistently demonstrated excellence in all its academic endeavors. LOA is also one of the best-funded charter schools in the state, receiving funding from the Greene County Board of Education at a rate of more than $1 million dollars a month, plus $1.34 million a year to pay for the bond payment on their original footprint and over $400,000 a year in ESPLOST expenditures. There are no other charter schools in Georgia that receive the financial support that the Greene County Board of Education has given LOA. 

    In 2020, Lake Oconee Academy filed a lawsuit against the the Greene County Board of Education alleging breach of the charter contract and that the district owes LOA approximately $1.2 million. At the heart of this litigation is a misunderstanding on the part of LOA's leadership regarding how much funding they believe the school should receive according to their own calculations, versus how much funding the school has actually received, which has been allocated by the Greene County School System according to the State of Georgia's Charter School Funding Formula, which is an independent, objective measure. It is the desire of the Greene County Board of Education to resolve these issues through cooperation and transparency, and in the best interest of Greene County's students.

FAQ Regarding LOA Funding

  • What is the connection between LOA's original Charter Application and the Executed Charter Contract? Which one determines how the school system funds LOA?

  • Did GCSS violate a precedent by not funding the LOA matriculation model?

  • Was LOA denied an austerity rebate of $300,000 by the GCSS?

  • Is GCSS keeping State Funds That Should Go to LOA for Growth Above the Enrollment Cap?

  • Is LOA projected to be in financial trouble soon, requiring the laying off of teachers and dis-enrollment of students?

  • Did BOE Chairman Mike Lynch say he has no plans to renew LOA's charter?

  • How much more efficient is LOA’s per pupil spending than GCSS?

  • Are GCSS expenditures up over $18 million year over year?

  • Should GCSS pay LOA whatever it wants given the local booming economy?

  • Did GCSS increase its fund balance by $3 million in 2021 FY?

  • Why was LOA given only 20% of the GCSS's federally provided COVID Relief Funds?

  • Is GCSS keeping a substantial amount of State money that is really earned by LOA?

  • Does GCSS collect a 3% Management Fee and is GCSS keeping that 3% from LOA?

  • Will the majority of the BOE members support LOA and their claims in these matters?

  • How are LOA’s new buildings really funded?

  • The above FAQ section will be updated as further information becomes available.

  • Please direct all communication or media questions to:

    Emily McClure
    Director of Communications
    Greene County School System
    101 East Third Street
    Greensboro, GA  30642
    Office:  (706) 453-7688 ext. 2015