holding hands in a circle The Greene County School System believes that children are most successful when the needs of the whole child are met. Students who need interventions, whether those deal with basic needs, physical or emotional health, or family supports, will learn best when those needs are addressed. As such, the school district has a variety of services available to help students and families.

    Counseling and Social Work All schools have a minimum of one full-time counselor on staff. A School social worker is also available to support needs beyond those that can be served through counselors or would be more appropriate handled through social work resources. School social workers are well-acquainted with the resources available in the school and community and work to remove barriers to learning by supporting students and families.  https://www.greene.k12.ga.us/Page/526

    Outside Counseling Services Counseling is provided by an outside providers in our community, but we are fortunate to have several unique opportunities available to our students. Oconee Heath Services works with the school system to provide services at no cost to students who meet certain criteria. Each school counselor manages students referred to this program.    https://namiga.org/  This is a link to NAMI Georgia - a resource for mental Health Support in cluding online resources and groups to join.

    Food Pantries Families that need support with basic needs such as food items or basic hygiene supplies may be served through the referral of counselors and/or social workers.  GCHS will also offer a food pantry as part of the WrapAround Services, in addition to food distribution opportunities. This GCHS food pantry serves current GCHS students.

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  • Wrap Around Pantry

    Food insecurity is a significant problem with many students in the world today and our students are no exception.  Given this fact, we have established a pantry/closet located within the high school.  This pantry will serve as a place where students can go if they are in need of nurishment during the day or need to take home at the end of the school day or on the weekend.  The pantry has items such as a variety of cereal, nutrition bars, canned soups and pastas, etc.  as well as a few items of clothing such as shirts, belts and jackets for males and females and lastly personal protection equips such as face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

    If you would like to contribute to the school Wrap Around Pantry, please join purposity and be sure to follow Greene County at www.purposity.com.


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