Inclement Weather

  • Anytime there is inclement weather, school administrators meet to discuss how to best handle the situation. Our decisions are always made with the safety of our students first.   

    Because almost 85% of our students are transported by school bus, it is very important that our school buses are able to navigate county roads.  We monitor and review the latest weather reports and the updates we receive from GEMA and other agencies. We always want to make sure our students and staff are safe and are able to travel to and from home safely. If the information we receive suggests we cancel school, our Director of Operations reviews our bus routes and checks the secondary roads, to see if buses are able to travel on them.   

    Once a final review of weather reports has been made, a check with other RESA superintendents in our area is done, another check of district roads, and conferencing with district staff,  the Superintendent of Schools contacts the Board of Education Chairman to advise him on closing or cancelling school. Our Communications Coordinator is then directed to send an all-call to parents letting them know of the closing. Closing notifications are also posted on the district's  website, mobile app, Twitter and Facebook pages. Dock 103.9 as well as Fox 5CBS AtlantaWXIA 11 Alive, and WSB Channel 2 are notified of our closing status. Administrators continue to carefully monitor the weather each day, and decisions are based completely on the safety of our students.  Instructional time is extremely important for all of our students and we want our students in class the complete 180 days.

    Updated: 02/17/2014

    Board Policy AFC: Emergency Closings

    Board Regulation JG-R(1): Student Welfare-Inclement Weather-School Closing

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