Testing and Assessments

  • Welcome to the Greene County School System Assessment page.  In education, the term assessment refers to the wide variety of methods or tools that educators use to evaluate and measure what students know and are able to do.  The Georgia Student Assessment Program measures student achievement of the state-adopted content standards. Assessment results are used to identify a student’s skill or mastery of standards, provide teachers with feedback about instructional practices, and assist school systems in identifying strengths and weaknesses in both teaching and learning.

    During Standardized tests, security measures are taken to protect the integrity of the test. If you would like more information on how tests are secured, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

  • Contact:
    Mr. Kevin Strickland
    Coordinator of Instructional Technology and Testing Assessment
    Greene County School System
    Phone: (706) 453-7688 ext. 2085
    Email: kevin.strickland@greene.k12.ga.us