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  • This project is a comprehensive and informative resource that ranks each university in America by size, degrees offered, tuition costs, admission rates, graduation rates, and retention rates. Tuition may vary for online college courses based on factors including the type and location of the institution as well as the program. Each year, college students in Georgia receive an estimated $20.9 Billion worth of financial aid to help offset tuition costs. Click Here for more information...

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  • To make your life a little easier, the Discus Awards has created a list of available college scholarships. The Discus Awards' List of College Scholarships is constantly updated, provides eligibility information, lets you know the application deadline, and even how much scholarship money you could win. Click here for more information.

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  • Masters Degree is a not for profit, comprehensive guide written by a group of academics and post-graduate students covering everything you need to know about earning your masters degree successfully. From getting into grad school and choosing your preferred program to funding your studies, graduating and competing in the job market – you will find articles and guides about all these topics here.

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