• GCCA Overview

    The GCCA offers an exciting opportunity for the students of Greene and Taliaferro counties as well as the businesses in our communities. It is critical to not only grow our existing businesses, but also to attract new businesses to the state. The GCCA will be vital to this region’s economic development. It is the mission of the GCCA to generate a skilled and work-ready workforce whether a student chooses to attend college, start their career, or join the military.
    Career Coaching
    Starting with the incoming class of 2022, freshman will take a high school transition course that highlights the multitude of pathways offered at the GCCA. Incoming freshmen will also be partnered with a volunteer career coach that will assist them with their career of interest. Career coaches will work with the student to develop a graduation/career checklist that the student can follow step by step from their first semester of high school all the way to the day they start their career.
    Dual Enrollment
    The GCCA has partnered the Athens Technical College to provide students with an opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. Many Dual Enrollment courses will be taught face to face by GCCA/ATC staff at Greene County High School. Dual Enrollment allows students to save tens of thousands of dollars on college costs. To participate in the Dual Enrollment program, a student must be a junior with a GPA of 2.6 or better.


    Skill Development
    College is not for everyone, but that does not mean all students cannot get a good career and make an above average salary. The GCCA is actively training students for those in-demand skills-based careers our economy needs. GCCA students will have the opportunity to begin mastering trades such as welding, construction, automotive repair, culinary arts, engineering, agriculture, and many more. All of which are directly associated with the State of Georgia's 17 critical occupational skills.  In some cases, they may be able to earn certification from Athens Tech, giving them a solid advantage over their peers. In addition, students will also have the chance to become industry certified.