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    Doc e Fill is a Web-based document management system designed and created by Softdocs. The system speeds the review process for forms and other documents, reducing the need for interoffice mail and other methods of paper-based recording. Security is provided through electronic form tracking, administrative controls, and other embedded features, protecting the confidentiality of every document.

    As a user in the system, you will be granted access to a unique set of documents, defined by your role in your organization and set by your Doc e Fill Administrator. These are made available in your electronic “library”, allowing for immediate access to the forms you need. After filling out a form in Doc e Fill, the document can be quickly sent to other people in your organization, who will review the information or request. Tracking allows you to see when other users have approved, denied, or made changes to your document.

    If you have trouble accessing your account, please email Kelly Hanes in our Business and Finance Department.

    USER MANUAL - Softdocs / Doc e Fill
    This user manual will help guide you through Doc e Fill, giving instruction on the workflow process and functions in the application.