Substitute Teacher Request Procedures

  • To request a substitute, first ensure that your lesson plans are complete, current, and readily available. Please be sure to notify your school’s principal and then access the Greene County Substitute Request Line.  

    There are three ways to access the Substitute Request Line.  

    1. Dial the direct line… (706) 454-1011.  
    2. If you are calling from a phone within the school district, you can just 
      dial extension 2002
    3. You can also dial the Greene County Board Office at 706-453-7688
      and dial extension 2002. 

    After you are prompted,  

    • Wait 2 seconds   
    • Say your full name   
    • Say your position  
    • Say the date(s) that you need a substitute   
    • State the type of leave… (sick, personal, vacation, other)   
    • Repeat your full name   

    Please call before 10:00 p.m. the night before or before 6:30 a.m. the day you need to request off. 

    If at all possible, please call in advance.  Please do not wait until the last minute.  Do not ask a substitute that you see in your building to work for you.  Unless the substitute is called by Allyson Harrison, they will not be paid.

    If you are unable to get through (e.g. constant busy signal, no answer, etc.) it is your responsibility to contact Mrs. Allyson Harrison 706-453-7688 (ext. 2022) AND your building administrator the morning of your absence. 

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