About Curriculum and Instruction

  • All of the schools in the Greene County School District are accredited and endorsed by AdvancED. Accreditation means that each of our schools has met the prescribed standards used to evaluate schools seeking accredited status. Our school district has made a commitment to providing and maintaining quality educational programs for all Greene County students.

    Our goal is to improve student performance and help every student meet or exceed grade expectations. The standards or grade expectations identify the knowledge and skills that students need to know and be able to do at certain grade levels or across grade spans. Standards/expectations, instruction, and assessment intertwine to provide a system that supports and encourages student progress.

    Standards-based classrooms are those where students and adults know what concepts and skills will be addressed and engage students in opportunities that enable them to learn the identified concepts and skills. Teachers need to use a variety of instructional practices that provide opportunities for students to learn knowledge and skills. This learning can be among adults and students, among students, or among students and their experiences. It is imperative that educators engage in appropriate professional development that will enable them to be effective teachers.

    While the state assessment program is closely aligned with the grade level and grade span expectations, schools and school districts need local assessments to assess student progress in the classroom. These local assessments are aligned with state and local expectations and give students, educators, and families a look at student performance on a continuous basis. Together state and local assessments give a comprehensive picture of student growth and performance.

  • Contact Information:
    Dr. Rotonya Rhodes
    Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
    101 E. Third Street, Greensboro, GA 30642 | Office: (706) 453-7688 | Fax: (706) 453-9019
    Email: rotonya.rhodes@greene.k12.ga.us