Welcome to our GCHS Interact Club

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    Interact Club is Rotary International’s Service Club. Open to high school students, Interact is a service and humanitarian club that is dedicated to performing charitable projects in the community.

  • The Four-Way Test


    In 1932 Herbert J. Taylor took a stand as the leader of Club Aluminum Company, a company that was headed into bankruptcy. In re-imaging the company to recover, survive, and grow, Taylor offered four questions to his staff and the internal members of the corporation. Whether the company actually recovered is not established, but the protocol he offered for growth is repeated around the world.

    In the 1940's, Taylor became the international director for Rotary. He offered these same twenty-four words to Rotary Clubs universally as a nonpartisan and nonsectarian code of ethics for use in both personal and business relationships.  

    This ethical code is embedded in the culture of our Greene and Putnam County Rotary Club.  Members are invited to recite the Four-Way Test at each meeting.  It is a central part of Rotary's structural agenda and a standard by which all Rotarian behavior is cultivated and measured.

    It is our honor to share these twenty-four words with you.