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  • The GCHS Cheer Team embraces our athletic program’s vision and adheres to the GCHS sportsmanship statement.  We acknowledge that cheerleading is a sport and requires meeting the same eligibility requirements as all other student athletes.  Our purpose is to impact our school and our community’s culture by displaying exemplary leadership skills, building a positive school culture, and increasing our academic achievement.  

    We recognize that cheerleaders are goodwill ambassadors and, therefore, are expected to develop and exhibit positive character attributes such as humility, trust, honesty, fair play, and teamwork. As ambassadors of good will we acknowledge that school spirit is a dynamic motivational tool that drives the school community to work together to achieve excellence. As school ambassadors it is our obligation to meet the following obligations:

    • develop and use a positive attitude to promote and uphold school spirit,
    • embrace and support good citizenship and strong work ethics on and off the playing field,
    • use training and competition to build ethical lifelong values and skills,
    • adhere to the Tiger Roar with passion by being responsible, organized, and always respectful.

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