GCSS Flu, Stomach Virus, and COVID-19 Safety Measures 2023-2024

  • This year, the Greene County School System is returning to implementing the same health and safety measures that proved effective in reducing the spread of flu, stomach virus, and COVID-19 among our students and staff last school year. These include frequent hand-washing and sanitization, socially distancing as much as possible, and enhanced disinfection procedures.

    The district’s leadership monitor state and local flu, stomach virus, and COVID-19 conditions on a daily basis and continuously observe and evaluate to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed. We are also continuing to emphasize to parents that it is critically important for families follow flu, stomach virus, and COVID-19 mitigation strategies and keep students at home if they show any symptoms of illness.

    Keeping schools open and safe continues to be our top priority this school year. We are confident that following these enhanced health and safety procedures will allow us to successfully navigate these challenging times. 


    Plan for Maintaining Safe and Health Schools

    washing hands Hygiene

    • Frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizing are encouraged throughout the school day 

    • Hand-washing and hand sanitizer stations are located throughout each school 

    • Infrared, touchless water bottle refill stations are located throughout each school 

    • Plexiglass partitions are installed in offices 

    • Partitions are installed between sinks in restrooms 


    man coughing into hand Symptom Screening

    • Any student who exhibits symptoms or has experience confirmed close contact with someone who has tested positive for flu, stomach virus, and COVID-19 is evaluated by the school nurse

    • Each school has an area for isolating symptomatic persons 

    • Faculty, staff, and students agree that when reporting to school, they do not have a fever and do not have any symptoms of illness 


    cleaning supplies Cleaning and Disinfecting

    • Custodians follow enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures throughout the day 

    • Each school receives a daily deep-cleaning at the end of each school day and complete disinfection once a week 

    • High-touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected frequently throughout the school 

    • Disposable paper and plastic are used at mealtime 

    • Plexiglass partitions are installed in lunchroom service lines, and nutrition staff plate all food items; no self-service options are available 

    • HVAC ionization units that purify a buildings’s air by reducing the pathogens and particles that circulate via air systems are installed in each school 


    social distancing Social Distancing

    • Classrooms are structured to facilitate as much social distancing as possible




    school bus Transportation

    • Social distancing is practiced to the greatest extent possible 

    • Buses are cleaned and disinfected between routes




    woman wearing mask Masks and Face Coverings

    • Face masks are provided to all staff
    • Masks are optional for students and staff in the school buildings