Sportsmanship Statement

  • Greene County is a proud member of our Georgia High School Association (GHSA). The GHSA and its member schools have made a commitment to promote good sportsmanship by student/athletes, coaches, and spectators at all GHSA sanctioned events. The GHSA mission statement is to "promote the total educational experience by encouraging participation in school sponsored interscholastic activities, while providing the leadership necessary to insure equitable opportunities for all student-athletes."

    The GHSA Code of Ethics is clear and "has the authority to invoke penalities, including but not limited to, monetary fines, probation, and/or suspension."  Therefore, profanity, degrading remarks, and intimidating actions directed at officials or competitors will not be tolerated, and are grounds for removal from the event site. Spectators are not allowed to enter the competition area during warm-ups nor while the contest is being conducted.

    Thank you for your cooperation in the promotion of good sportsmanship at our events.

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