Degrees and Certifications:

Kathy Kelly

Education: BA in English Literature, Minor in Secondary Education
Hobbies/Interests: Married for 52 years to a very good man! We have lived in different places and traveled the world. HUGE reader! travel, golf, grandchildren are all important. Last year I jumped off a mile high cliff with a parasail. I was scared to death but soooo glad to have done it!

Career: lots of different jobs from Systems Analyst to Mayor of a city (Clearwater, FL) and lots of volunteering. I thought my first job would teaching in a school. But a company came to my college and asked me to interview to become a Systems Analyst. I wrote manuals for data processors and taught them how to do their job-I used my writing and teaching skills!
Note to students: Follow what you are good at in school. You'll figure out a good use for your natural abilities. Here's a little advice from my Grandmother (who had to leave school at 12 to work)."An education is a light load to carry." She was horrified that anyone would pass up the opportunity to learn!
Note to parents: I know you want your child to have a bright future. I am just a small part of help to get to that future. Your encouragement is PRICELESS!