Degrees and Certifications:

Emily Lebow

Education: BS Special Ed & Psychology, MS - Information Systems
Hobbies/Interests: Love the ocean and wanted to learn to scuba dive. It was SCAREY!!!! Had to take courses and put in hours to get certified.... stuck it out, but it was hard. So glad I did.
Career: Programmer Analyst at the Washington Post, promoted to Manager of Advertising Systems. While at the Post I was buying and selling real estate in the DC area and it was so profitable, I decided to get my real estate license. I bought, renovated and flipped house before it was ever on TV! I've had real estate broker's licenses in DC, MD, VA, FL, TN and NY.
Note to students: Quote from Michelle Obama, "Stay in school, go to college. Education is the only thing nobody can ever take away from you!"
Note to parents: I'm delighted to be part of your child's support team. Let's work together!