Degrees and Certifications:

Brian Hamilton

Education: Bachelor of Science in biology, Associate’s degree in Respiratory Therapy.
Hobbies/Interests: Happily retired, 3 step-daughters, 3 grandsons. Grew up in small towns (moved a few times), high school graduating class had 25 students. Love music, reading (newspapers, books), music & pickleball.
Career: Worked 40+ years as a Respiratory Therapist, mostly in a hospital setting. I worked in critical care (ICU, ER), education (Clinical Specialist), and did some Home Care. I always enjoyed working with patients, working at "the bedside."
Note to students: Develop good study skills early, you have many more distractions now than I did when I was your age. Procrastination is NOT your friend.
Note to parents: I'm here to help your child determine and achieve their career goals. I will be working with them through the Career Center through graduation, and possibly beyond if necessary. I hope to be able to meet you sometime in the near future.