GCSS Enrollment Check List

    1. Greene County’s Student Registration Form

    2. Home Language Survey

    3. Proof of Residency:
      Appropriate records for verification of residency must include any two of the following:
      • Copy of home mortgage payment book
      • Current utility bill (gas, electric, or water)
      • Apartment lease showing name of legal guardian
      • Homeowner's insurance registration/card
      • Current Paycheck stub
      • Current Bank statement
      • Copy of sales contract
      • Receipt to have utilities connected

    4. Birth certificate:
      Must be government issued; hospital certificates are not acceptable.

    5. Immunization Certificate:
      Immunization information must be on the proper Georgia Department of Human Resources (Form 3231).

    6. Ear, Eye and Dental Screening:
      No child entering a Georgia school for the first time shall be admitted unless the child has a certificate of eye, ear and dental screening. This Georgia Department of Human Resources certificate (Form 3300) must be signed by the Health Department or a licensed Georgia physician.

    7. Social Security Number:
      Social Security numbers are voluntary. Waivers are available in local schools.

    8. Academic Records:
      If possible, please bring most recent report card, withdrawal form from previous school and/or transcripts. These are essential for proper placement of students. Students in grades 7-12 also will need copies of any discipline records.

    9. IEP (if applicable)

    10. ESOL (if applicable)

    11. Proof of Legal Guardianship or Proof of Legal Custody

  • Mrs. Lynn Alexander
    Student Information Specialist and District Registrar
    101 E. Third Street, Greensboro, GA 30642
    Office: 706-454-1105 (ext. 2087) | Fax: 706-453-9019
    email: lynn.alexander@greene.k12.ga.us