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    The GCHS Interact Club standards of membership and bylaws conform to the general features as laid down in the national Interact Handbook, and in all cases, must be approved by the principal of Greene County High School. The purpose of the club is to provide opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.

    The sponsor of the Greene County High School Interact Club is the Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam counties which, through a committee of not less than five Rotarians or their designee, shall exercise supervision and control over all activities, programs and policies of this Interact club. The continued existence of this Interact club shall depend upon the continued active personal participation of the sponsoring Rotary Club.

    The grade levels from which members may be drawn shall be nine (9), ten (10), eleven (11), and twelve (12). Nominees for membership must meet the following requirements: good character and leadership potential with no behavior infractions pending, a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average, and be on track for graduation. Additionally, nominees are required to submit an evaluation which may include suggestions for student improvement. The sponsoring Interact Club of Greene and Putnam Counties may make additional / supplemental recommendations for membership requirements.