Welcome from the Pre-K Coordinator

  • Dear Greene County Primary School Pre-K Families:

    Welcome! We are looking forward to an exciting year. Our school is an environment of warmth and care where your child will be exposed to the highest level of education. We provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment and developmentally appropriate experiences for each child. In addition, we provide experiences that promote independence, social competence, and positive self-esteem in each child.

    We have talented, credentialed, and experienced teachers, who plan an academic and tailored curriculum that stem from students’ interests and developmental needs. Students are exposed to a healthy balance of explicit instruction in all areas of development guided free time to explore and learn through practice.

    We believe that an effective school is based on a philosophy of partnership. The teachers are partners with every parent, with each partner bringing something to the relationship. The teachers bring knowledge of child development, the skills to create a warm classroom atmosphere, and the ability to implement an early childhood curriculum. In turn, the families contribute a unique wealth of information about their child. We provide the child with opportunities to practice the areas they learned outside the classroom. This will foster a learning cycle where children are eager to show their parents what they learned in school as well as eager to return to school to learn more.

    Our preschool’s goals and beliefs will offer an excellent opportunity for your child’s success now and in the future. We provide opportunities for parent participation and involvement based on open communication, so that each child’s experiences in our program become integrated with the home environment.

    Through this partnership our preschool will provide education that will enable your child to excel in any elementary school and develop a sense of self-esteem and responsibility. We look forward to another successful year!


    Mrs. Priscilla Jones, Coordinator
    Greene County Primary School Pre-K
    103 E. Third Street
    Greensboro, GA 30642
    Phone: 706-454-1064

  • Greene County Primary School Pre-K
    103 E. Third Street; Greensboro, GA  30642
    Phone: (706) 454-1064 | Fax: (706) 453-9019