Student Responsibility

  • "I am responsible for my behavior. It is important and necessary for me to have good manners and be respectful of my peers and teachers during the school day. I am at Greene County Alternative school to learn, stay on task, and do my best work. I am not here to disturb others, play around, and be disruptive. In order to be successful in school, I need to sit quietly in the classroom, listen to my lesson, and concentrate on my work. I should not talk without permission. I should be attentive and not distract others. I will be a successful student not just today but everyday."

PREP LOGO: Positively altering behavior;Re-assessing academic priorities;Elevating future possibilities;Promoting higher ed.

  • Positively Altering Behavior

    Re-assessing Academic Priorities

    Elevating Future Possibilities

    Promoting Higher Education

  • The mission of the PREP Center is to collaborate with the school system and community to
    ensure a safe environment conducive to learning and to provide an alternative to expulsion.