As inclement weather approaches there may come times when the school district may need to close schools or delay the start of schools.  Traditionally staff has been informed through calling trees and/or the television stations.   

The information below outline the procedures we will follow for school closing in Greene County:

Decisions to close school for any reason are made in a thoughtful and deliberative process; these decisions are made in response to the safety of students and staff of the Greene County School System.

Decisions to close school or to have a delayed start of school need to be made as early as reasonably possible; this is to notify staff, parents and students as early as possible that the day may be interrupted.  Our goal is to make these decisions not later than 6:00am

The decision to close or delay start schools is made by the Superintendent. (This decision has been made in concert with the Director of Transportation, CFO, County road and communicated to the Board Chair).

The Superintendent and/or the Communications Coordinator will make an “all call” through our Tiger Calling System to all employees of Greene County and to all student families.

Principals will be notified at that same time and will make a second call to their respective school’s staff.

All staff are urged to check your local television station and/or radio stations for updates on school closings.

Should you have questions for any reason about a school closing, please contact your principal or your immediate supervisor.

Updated: January 16, 2013
Administrative Regulation:  JGF-R(1)