About PREP

  • The Greene County PREP Center provides education which is conducted outside of the traditional school setting. This program was developed as an option where Greene County educators realized that a varied approach and an alternative environment could better meet the needs of students with academic and behavioral concerns. We offer a blended learning experience combining: direct teacher instruction, web-based Odsseyware online learning, goal-setting/team-building activities, community service, and service learning projects. Students are required to attend school at the PREP Center or PREP Academy for an entire grading period before they can re-enter their regular school settings. The program is designed to help each student address negative behaviors, reinforce a positive attitude and to give students a second chance at academic success!

    I firmly believe that, “Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.” - George Evans

PREP LOGO: Positively altering behavior;Re-assessing academic priorities;Elevating future possibilities;Promoting higher ed.

  • Positively Altering Behavior

    Re-assessing Academic Priorities

    Elevating Future Possibilities

    Promoting Higher Education

  • The mission of the PREP Center is to collaborate with the school system and community to
    ensure a safe environment conducive to learning and to provide an alternative to expulsion.