Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a request for a facilitated IEP Team meeting?
Only if your child is enrolled in the following school districts: Bartow County, Fulton County, Greene County, and Union County.  For the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years, the GaDOE Facilitated IEP Team meeting process will only be available in those four (4) school districts.  

Who will choose the facilitator?
Facilitators are selected by GaDOE staff, based on a rotational system and availability.  

Do I have the right to have a facilitator at an IEP Team meeting?
No. IEP Team meeting facilitation is not required under the IDEA. Both the parent and the school district must agree.  

Is there any type of procedural notice that I will receive regarding a facilitated IEP Team meeting?
Yes, as with any IEP Team meeting, the notification procedures found in the IDEA apply. Districts must give parents proper notice including the place and time where the meeting will occur, potential attendees, and the purpose of the meeting.  

Does the facilitator make decisions?
No. Facilitators are trained in effective communication and ways to address and resolve conflicts. They help IEP Teams work together to develop effective IEPs for students. Members of IEP Teams are the decision-makers.  

Who attends a facilitated IEP Team meeting?
Members of the IEP Team attend, including the student’s parents, regular and special education teachers, a school district representative, and someone who can explain how evaluation results may be reflected in the student’s IEP. The IDEA also provides that parents or the school district may bring other people who have knowledge or special expertise regarding the student.  

May the student attend the facilitated IEP Team meeting?
A parent may choose to have the student attend the facilitated IEP Team meeting, as appropriate. Participating in a facilitated IEP Team meeting may provide a positive opportunity for the student to learn about self-advocacy. If the student is 14 or older, or if transition issues will be discussed, encouraging the student to be involved in the development of his or her IEP could lead to more successful outcomes.  

Where and when is a facilitated IEP Team meeting held?
The facilitated IEP Team meeting is scheduled by the school district, in cooperation with the parent, and held at a time and place that is mutually agreed upon.  

Do I have to pay for the facilitated IEP Team meeting?
As with any IEP Team meeting, a facilitated IEP Team meeting is provided at no cost to parents.  

What if the Team is unable to agree on an IEP at the facilitated meeting?
If issues, disagreements, or problems are not resolved at the facilitated IEP Team meeting, you may want to consider another form of dispute resolution. All dispute resolution information can be found at Resolution.aspx . Your participation in the facilitated IEP Team meeting does not affect your parental rights.  

What if I need an interpreter?
It is important that you understand the IEP Team meeting process and are able to participate. Let the schooldistrict know in advance of the IEP Team meeting that you will need an interpreter, so they can arrange for one to assist you during the meeting. Contact your school district or the GaDOE for more information.