Ways You Might Prepare For an IEP Team Meeting

  • Prepare a written list of issues you want to discuss and questions you want to ask.

  • Think about what is most important to you for your child’s IEP and make a note of these items.

  • Ask yourself three important questions:
         1. Where is my son or daughter now in his or her educational progress?
         2. Where do I want my son or daughter to be a year from now and how can those expectations be measured?
         3. In what ways can the IEP Team help him or her to meet those expectations?

  • Organize your documents. Record dates and notes on them. You may want to make copies of some of the information to share with the Team.

  • Be willing to listen and carefully consider ideas that others may suggest.

  • Arrive a little before the IEP Team meeting, so you have time to get ready to participate.

  • Call your parent training and information center or community parent resource center. A staff member can answer your questions and help you prepare for the meeting. In some cases, a parent center staff member may attend the IEP Team meeting with you.

  • Attend a workshop or training conducted by a parent center to learn about your role and responsibilities as a member of the IEP Team.