What Is IEP Team Meeting Facilitation?

IEP Team Meeting Facilitation is an optional process, not required by the IDEA that state educational agencies (SEA) or school districts may provide to parents and schools. A facilitated IEP Team meeting is the same as any other IEP Team meeting, except that a facilitator joins the meeting.  

The facilitator helps with communication among team members, and does not make decisions about the student’s IEP. The goal of a facilitated IEP Team meeting is to develop an IEP that is supported by team members and benefits the student.  

In a facilitated IEP Team meeting:

  • * Families and schools agree to have a facilitator join an IEP Team meeting.

  • * Facilitators maintain open communication and ensure that everyone at the IEP Team meeting can participate fully.

  • * If disagreements arise during the meeting, a facilitator can help the Team clarify and resolve them.

  • * The facilitator typically does not address issues that are not related to the student’s IEP.