Statement regarding carbon monoxide detectors:

December 11, 2012

Attention Parents:

Greene County School System is committed to providing a safe educational environment for its students, teachers and staff. In light of the recent carbon monoxide leak in an Atlanta elementary school, that led to the evacuation of 500 students and the hospitalization of 31 others, we understand the concern that some of our parents have regarding our facilities.

We do have gas-fired equipment in our buildings. All of these locations have been inspected and are up-to-date.  While the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) does not require that carbon monoxide detectors be installed in school facilities, we have detectors placed in every area where hot water heaters and boilers are located. In fact, we have always received positive feedback after an inspection.

If you have any questions about Greene County facilities, please contact Mr. Morris Miller, Director of Operations, at (706) 453-7688.