End of Course Tests (EOCT)

The EOCT program was created to improve student achievement through effective instruction and assessment of the standards in the eight EOCT core high school courses. The EOCT program helps to ensure that all Georgia students have access to a rigorous curriculum that meets high performance standards. The purpose of the EOCT is to provide diagnostic data that can be used to enhance instructional programs.

The A+ Educational Reform Act of 2000, O.C.G.A. §20-2-281, mandates that the State Board of Education adopt end-of-course assessments in grades nine through twelve for core subjects to be determined by the State Board of Education.  Each EOCT is aligned with the standards in the Quality Core Curriculum (QCC).

What high school courses require students take an EOCT?

     • Algebra I
     • Geometry

Social Studies
     •United States History
     • Economics/Business/Free Enterprise

     • Biology
     • Physical Science

English Language Arts
     • Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
     • American Literature and Composition

Who is required to take the EOCT?
Any student enrolled in and/or receiving credit for an EOCT course, regardless of grade level, will be required to take the EOCT upon completion of that course.

How does the EOCT affect the student's grade?
A student’s EOCT score is averaged in as 20% of the final course grade. The student must have a final course grade of 70 or above to pass the course and earn credit toward graduation. When the student repeats a course to earn credit for graduation, he/she would participate in the EOCT at the end of the repeated course.

When are the EOCT administered?
There are three main administrations of the EOCT: Winter, Spring and Summer. In addition, on-line Mid-Month administrations may be given in August, September, October, November, January, February and March.

Retest administration windows are held in conjunction with the existing Online Mid-month and Summer administration windows. Retests are intended to provide students who do not meet the standard on an EOCT with one additional opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency. More details on retest administrations can be located under the EOCT Resources link on the Department of Education's Assessment webpage.



GaDOE Website
The GaDOE website provides EOCT Study Guides  and information to students, parents, and teachers about the EOCT.

The Georgia Online Assessment System (OAS)
The OAS allows students to access tests that consist of the same kinds of questions as appear on the End of Course Test (EOCT). The OAS is available throughout the school year from any computer that has internet.

Login: Gradehs

Password: Gradehs

How does the OAS work?
As a student completes a test, the OAS provides immediate feedback as to what is the correct answer and why.

How can the OAS be used?
Students can gain valuable experience in taking tests and learning to evaluate their own work. When a test is completed, the OAS provides immediate feedback as to what is the correct answer and why.

Parents can see the kinds of questions their children will be asked to answer on the EOCT's and monitor their child’s progress.


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