Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT)

These are mandatory state tests created by the state of Georgia.  They are based on the state’s Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) in reading, English/language arts, and mathematics and the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) in science and social studies.  They are used to measure how well your child has learned the material covered.

Used in three types of accountability:
     1) Federal funding / Title 1
     2) School Performance Standards - School Report Cards
     3) Promotion and Retention

CRCT reports student achievement in terms of performance levels:
     1) Exceeds The Standard (850-950)
     2) Meets The Standard (800-849)
     3) Does Not Meet The Standard (650-799)

Student Study Guides

GaDOE Website
The GaDOE website provides CRCT Study Guides  and information to students, parents, and teachers about the CRCT.

Georgia Online Assessment System (OAS)


The OAS allows students to access tests that consist of the same kinds of questions as appear on the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests (CRCT). The OAS is available throughout the school year from any computer that has internet.

The OAS contains a large number of test items in reading, English/language arts, and mathematics for students in grade 1 through grade 8, in science and social studies for students in grade 3 through grade 8, and high school.

How does the OAS work?
As a student completes a test, the OAS provides immediate feedback as to what is the correct answer and why.

How can the OAS be used?
Students can gain valuable experience in taking tests and learning to evaluate their own work. When a test is completed, the OAS provides immediate feedback as to what is the correct answer and why.

Parents can see the kinds of questions their children will be asked to answer on the CRCT and monitor their child’s progress.

How is the OAS accessed at home?
Parents and students can log on to the OAS using the generic login IDs and passwords for each grade, as given in the table below.

To see Student Tests
for this grade:

     Use this   
Use this
   1st grade
 Grade1 Grade1
   2nd grade
   3rd grade
 Grade3  Grade3
   4th grade
 Grade4  Grade4
   5th grade
 Grade5  Grade5
   6th grade
 Grade6  Grade6
   7th grade
 Grade7  Grade7
   8th grade
   High School
 Gradehs  Gradehs

*Note: Your web browser must allow pop-ups in order for you to log in. If you get sent back to the login page whenever you try to log in, it is likely that you have a pop-up blocker operating.

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