Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT)

On March 30, 2015, Governor Nathan Deal signed House Bill 91 into law. This law means an individual, whose sole reason for not receiving a high school diploma was due to not passing any part of the graduation tests, may now petition the local board of education for a diploma. 

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Students seeking a Georgia high school diploma, who entered high school prior to July 2011, must pass the Georgia High School Graduation Tests (GHSGT) in four content areas as well as the Georgia High School Writing Test.

As a result of amendments to State Board of Education rule in April 2011, the cohort of students who enrolled in high school from Fall 2008 through June 2011 must demonstrate their proficiency in the four GHSGT content areas by either passing each of the GHSGTs or by passing one of the two equivalent End of Course Tests in each corresponding content area. These students are also required to take and pass the Georgia High School Writing Test (GHSWT) to be eligible for a diploma.

Students who enter grade nine in 2011 – 2012 and beyond will not take, and are not required to pass, the GHSGT. They are required to take and pass the Georgia High School Writing Test.

Please note that students who are no longer enrolled in school are required to pre-register in order to ensure that the school has the appropriate testing materials available. To pre-register, please contact the school system’s assessment office and/or the appropriate high school.

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