Educational Acronyms and Definitions

  • ACT – American College Testing

  • AP – Advanced Placement

  • AUP – Acceptable Use Policy – A set of rules to guide the use of school technology resources for security and compliance purposes

    AYP - Adequate Yearly Progress

    BD - Behavior Disorder

    BOE - Board of Education

    CAP - Corrective Action Plan

  • Charter system – A charter system provides the opportunity for teachers, administrators, parents, and local school boards to have greater flexibility to determine the educational needs of students within their district and requires school level governance.

  • CCGPS - (Common Core Georgia Performance Standards) – Georgia’s version of the Common Core State Standards for English/ Language Arts and Mathematics. They replaced the previous Georgia Performance Standards in those subjects.

  • CCRPI - (College and Career Ready Performance Index) – Georgia’s school and district accountability system that replaced AYP when the state received a waiver from the U.S. DOE

  • CTAE - (Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education) – Division within the Georgia Department of Education responsible for administering the College and Career Pathways.

  • DFACS – Department of Family and Children Services

    DOE - Department of Education

    DHR - Department of Human Resources

    EIP - Early Intervention Program

  • EOC - (End of Course) – The Georgia Milestones Assessment for students in grades 9 -12 (formerly known as the EOCT)

  • EOCT – End of Course Tests; tests given to students in grades 9-12.

  • EOG - (End of Grade) – The Georgia Milestones Assessment for students in grades 3-8 (formerly known as the CRCT)

    ESEA - Elementary and Secondary Education Act

  • ESOL – English to Speakers of Other Languages; the instructional program that assists students in learning English that follows the requirements outlined in State Board of Education Rule 160-4-5-.02 LANGUAGE ASSISTANCE: PROGRAM FOR LIMITED ENGLISH PROFICIENT (LEP) STUDENTS.

  • ESPLOST – Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax

    FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

    FTE - Full-time Equivalent

    FY - Fiscal Year

  • GaDOE – Georgia Department of Education

  • Georgia Milestones - (Georgia Milestones Assessment System) – Georgia’s summative assessments which includes end of course and end of grade measures of how much of the standards students learned. The Georgia Milestones replaced the CRCTs and previous EOCTs during the 2014-2015 school year.

  • GED – General Education Development (Diploma)

  • GEMA - Georgia Emergency Management Agency

    GHP - Governor's Honors Program

    GHSA - Georgia High School Association

  • GHSGT – Georgia High School Graduation Test

  • GHSWT – Georgia High School Writing Test

  • GKIDS – Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills

  • GPA – Grade Point Average

    GSBA - Georgia School Boards Association

  • HQ staff – Highly Qualified staff

  • IB – International Baccalaureate

  • IC – Infinite Campus

  • IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

  • IE2 - (Investing in Educational Excellence) – Partnership Contracts are intended to provide local school districts with greater governance flexibility as a means to increasing student achievement. As created by House Bill 1209 (2008), Local Boards of Education (LBOE) can enter into multi-year contracts with the

  • IEP – Individualized Education Plan

  • LKES - (Leader Keys Effectiveness System) – Evaluation/assessment systems designed for school leaders, primarily principals

  • Loti Levels – Level of Technology Integration

  • MOU - (Memorandum of Understanding) – A legally binding contractual agreement between two parties

  • MTSS – Multi-Tiered Student Support

  • NWEA –Northwest Evaluation Association

  • PD – Professional Development

  • PLC – Professional Learning Communities

  • PSAT – Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test

  • RESAs - (Regional Education Support Agencies) – State supported agencies charged with helping local school systems meet their educational needs through the sharing of services across school system lines. All RESAs are required to provide services in research and planning, staff development, curriculum and instruction, assessment and evaluation, technology, health, and school improvement.

  • RTI – Response to Intervention

  • SACS – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

  • SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test

  • SGP - (Student Growth Percentile) – Describes a student’s growth (how much they learned over a given time period) relative to other students with similar prior achievement statewide. Used in Georgia’s Student Growth Model

  • SLOs - (Student Learning Objectives) – for non-tested subjects, SLOs describe what students are expected to learn in a given academic year as measured by a pre-assessment and post-assessment. 

  • Status Quo - A "status quo" school is very similar to the existing public school. "Status quo" systems and schools must meet all federal and state accountability measures. They can only apply for state waivers due to dire emergency.

  • SWD – Students with Disabilities

  • TKES - (Teacher Keys Effectiveness System) –Teacher evaluation/effectiveness system used to distinguish between good teachers, great teachers, and ineffective ones, the primary focus of the teacher effectiveness system is to help improve instruction and to better design professional development activities to meet teacher needs.

  • TOTY – Teachers of the Year

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