Attention:  All Parents and Guardians of Greene County School System students who are bus riders.


    Listed below are the names of the bus drivers, the bus numbers and the routes of each bus. Should you have any questions or concerns about bus transportation, please call Morris Miller, Director of Transportation, at (706) 453-1013.


    Bus Number Bus Driver Bus Routes
    90  Kendall Wingfield East White Plains Rd., from Veazey, Jernigan Bridge Rd., S. Hwy. 15, Sheila Rd., Jackson Ave., Main St., White Plains, Eley Rd., Crawford Rd., Pittsburgh Ave.
    97  Travis Rivers Brickhouse Rd., Bowden Pond Rd., Hwy. 278 to Airport., Hwy. 77, Old Siloam Rd., Green Acres.
    86  Harrell Hutchinson W. Lick skillet Rd., Antioch Church Rd., E. Cold Springs Rd., Arrowhead Dr., Quails Run Rd., S. Penfield Rd., N. East St., Railroad Community, Hanson Rd.
    91  Alphonzo Chester East Broad St., Flowers Rd., Pool Rd., Webb Lake Dr., Hwy. 278/Cotton’s Corner, Planning Mill Rd., Hope Lane, Dream Ridge, Hwy. 278/Heritage Dr., South Main St.
    87  Loretta Moon Penfield Rd., South Geer Rd., Cemetery Rd., New Dorm Rd., Wyatt Rd., E. Lickskillet Rd., West Hensley Rd., East Callaway Rd., East Boswell Rd., Nichols Rd.
    95  Arthur Chapman Siloam: Dolvin St., Nantahala Ave., Fuller Rd., Credille Pond Rd., Syrup Mill Crossing Rd., Siloam-Veazey Rd., Church St., Rhodes St., Hwy. 15 South, Jernigan Lane,
    Mill Hill
    : Church St., Sycamore St., Cherry St., Maple Circle, Mill St. (Elementary School)
    105  Sandra Robbins Old Eatonton Rd., Old Stagecoach Rd., South Carey Station Rd., Reynolds Plantation, Cerner’s Ferry, Linger Longer, Founders Row, Commerce Dr., Clubhouse Lane, Planters Trail, Hwy 44 to Carey Station Rd., Eagle View, Caboose Ct., Union Station, Pullman Lane, Grand Central Ct.
    106  Thomas Moon Howard Lewis Rd., Flat Rock Church Rd., Lanier Rd., Liberty Church Rd., Whispering Pines, Rock Creek and Indian Hill Subdivisions, Veale Rd., M.L.K Jr., Dr.
    85  Ruby Chester N. Pear Orchard Rd., Cato Rd., Big Rock Rd., S. Pear Orchard, S. Sibley School Rd., Wesley Chapel Rd., Pine Crest Dr., Fox Chase Apts., East Green St., Walnut St.
    88  Willie C. Terrell South St., Laurel Ave., Kevin Roberts Way, Charity Dr., Allen Valley Est., Willow Run Rd., Oconee Ave., West Apalachee Ave., (Old Eatonton Rd.), Grimes St.,
    Mill Hill
    : North West St., Richland Ave., West Church St., North Sycamore St., West Cherry St., West Mill St. (High School)
    99  Carolyn Franklin Duvall Cir., Reid Duvall Rd., Jack Malcolm Rd., Farmington Rd., Tremble Bridge Rd., Chappelear Rd., Frazier Copeland Rd., CM Copeland Rd.
    102  Deanna Holcomb Moody St., Lamb Ave., Washington Hwy., Asbury Rd., Brown Chapel Rd., Springfield Rd., Center Hill Rd., Bethesda Church Rd., Jacksonville Rd., Hwy. 44 to Union Point, N. Rhodes St., Crawfordville Rd., N. Hilliard St., Heart Ave.
    96  Katherine Carter Hwy. 77 to Woodville: N. Geer Rd., Bairdstown Rd., Maxey's Rd., Heard Cook Rd., Community Dr., Union Point: Summerhill Cir., Dolvin Ave., Hunter St., Carlton Ave.
    94  Clyde Robbins Green Acres, Old Siloam Rd., Country Club Lane, Wooten Ave to Powers St., Lamb Ave., S. Rhodes St., Dolvin Ave., Hunter St., Crawfordville Rd., Hart Ave., Witcher St.
    98  Vera Hall Rock Hill Church Rd., Eastover Rd., Lewis Rd., Chester Rd., Laundromat in Siloam, Warren Rd., Jordan Mill Rd.
    104  Willie Perkins Hanson Rd., Cedar Grove Rd., Adams Dairy Rd., Indian Wood Rd., Hwy. 278, Swords Rd., Twin River Rd., Carey Station Rd. to I-20, Deer Lake Rd., White Oak Rd., Deer Lane Circle, Richland Heights Apts.
    89  Natasha Miller Carriage Ridge Dr., Buckhead Dr., Leslie Mill Rd., Gray Horse Rd., Walker Church Rd., Meadow Crest Rd., Wright Lane, Breeding Gill Smith/Armor Circle, M.L.K. Jr., Dr., Hwy. 44 South, Wrightsville Church Rd., Harbor Club.
    100  Earl Armour Veazey Siloam Rd., White Plains – Veazey Rd., N. Flat Rock Rd., Billy Merritt Rd., O’Neal Rd., Jack Poulnott Rd., Greyland Rd., Siloam – Veazey Rd., Rt. Lanel/Lower Veazey Rd., Leslie Mill Rd.
    101  Katrina Campbell Cooperwood Dr., Hickory St., Maple St., Oak St., Railroad St., Jim Brown Rd., Siloam Comm., Bethany Church Rd.,
    Mill Hill: N. West St., Richland Ave., W. Richland Circle, W. Church St., N. Sycamore Circle, W. Cherry St., W. Mill St. (Middle School)
    93  Gwendolyn Grimes Hwy. 278 from Union, Brooks Rd., Bethany Church Rd. to Taliaferro Co., Chico Rd., Bethany Church Rd., Hwy 77 to Union Point.
    103  Deleon Parrott CM Copeland Rd. to Oconee Co., Little Creek Rd., Landrum Rd., Ward Rd., Hwy. 15 N. Cold Springs Rd., Shiloh Rd., Thompson Town Rd., W. Richland Ave., West St.
    92  Tristan Dunn Hwy. 44 from Bethesda Church Rd., Daniel Springs Comm., Randolph Church Rd., Temperance Bell Rd., Church St., Watson Ave., Crawfordville Rd., N. Rhodes St., Country Club Dr.
    82  Melissa Meeks Elem. St. (Woodville) East Peachtree St., Hamfork Rd. to Temperance Bell Rd., Summer Hill Community.
    83  Louise Stonum N. Cato Rd., Bramlett Rd., N. Sibley School Rd., Jerry Brown Rd., Old Union Point Rd., Airport Rd., Macedonia Rd., Cunningham Rd., Kimbrough Rd.

    Bus Number Bus Driver SPED Bus Routes
    107  Melissa Walter Greensboro & Hwy 278 West
    31  Jessie Nesbitt Greensboro, Woodville, & Union Point
    29  Garnie Shorter Atlanta Area School for the Deaf
    32  Carolyn Watts White Plains, Siloam, & Union Point

    Updated: 07-25-2017



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