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    Children of wisdom!  As parents we always want the best for our children - to be successful, smart, happy and live a full life. One of my deepest wishes and prayers is that the students of Greene County would be children of wisdom. Truthfully, this is my hope for all of us - whether a child, young adult, maturing adult, or senior - let us all be people who find the joy of life as children do and people who make wise decisions in all parts of our lives.

    As the new Superintendent of the Greene County School System I want to extend a warm welcome to the students, staff, families and community members of Greene County for the 2014-2015 school year! I am deeply honored and very eager to get started! First, I want to thank the Board of Education for putting their trust in me.  My promise to them and to each of you is to continue the strong educational leadership in the schools and the central office that focuses on the educational progress in every classroom, for every child. Secondly, I want to thank the teachers and staff who instruct and support our children every day. Teachers are the heart and soul of a school district.

    In the next few months, I will be actively listening to the school communities about the work that has been completed for the students and the great work that is planned for this upcoming school year. I am also looking forward to receiving input from each of you as we begin to review and update our Strategic Plan.

    School and system leaders will be working together to focus on -

    •             Target Best Instructional Practices For Every Classroom

    •             Create Distributive Leadership Throughout the District

    •             Focus on Excellence Gaps - Promoting Excellence for Every Student

    •             Extend Collaborative Partnership With All Stakeholders

    •             Review All Programs and Projects With Diligent Stewardship In Mind

    The people of Greene County have already extended such a positive welcome to me and as I start my first official day on July 1st I know that wonderful things are going to happen this year for the children of this great school district. I look forward to continuing the conversations about what is best for students throughout the school year.

    For The Children!

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mission of the Greene County School System is to educate, inspire, challenge, and support students to be productive citizens prepared to compete globally. 

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