Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl

Several Years ago Mrs. Helen Ruffin, a very dynamic and innovative person, was the library media specialist at Sky Haven Elementary School in DeKalb County, Georgia. In 1985, she served on the selection committee for the Georgia Children’s Book Award (GBA) nominee program. This literature program began in the Department of Language Education at the University of Georgia’s College of Education and inspired Mrs. Ruffin to use the GBA nominee books to encourage her students to read. Using the award nominees, Mrs. Ruffin created a unique reading competition in game format. Her vision was to have teams comprised of students from different schools compete to test their knowledge of selected books. She shared this vision with her colleagues. They embraced her idea and pressed forward. Using Helen Ruffin’s motto: students who read become adults who lead, GCHS and the GCSS embraced the competition. Not only do we complete but for several years we have hosted the event.


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